Appraisals Services

You need a company you can trust to handle your valuation problems. We have the experience you want in property valuation. We offer a full array of USPAP compliant report formats for residential & multi-family properties. Here is a list of the valuation services we provide:

  • Lending Valuations – USPAP and FIRREA Compliant
  • Estate Planning – Basis Valuation – Gifting and Inheritance - USPAP Compliant
  • Tax & IRS Valuation Services – USPAP Compliant
  • Partnership Formation – Dissolution – Divorce - USPAP Compliant
  • Market Value Determination for Sales & Purchases - USPAP Compliant
  • Retrospective Valuations - USPAP Compliant

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the appraisal industry, Just Company is proud to provide fully USPAP compliant appraisal reports for your valuation problems.

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